May Report 2015

Ross-Perrett-BM1With the wintery chill in the air, we bid a fond farewell to what has been a reasonably productive 2015 game fishing season. Things certainly started off with a bang with the fishing during late January through mid February being exceptionally good, especially at our favourite haunt the Three Kings Islands. Continue reading May Report 2015

January Report 2015

What a start to the 2015 game fishing season! It seems that most if not all New Zealand’s hotspots are getting their fair slice of the action and with so many notable captures, it’s difficult to single out any one in particular.

Probably the biggest surprise of the past month has been the presence of Yellowfin Tuna… and plenty of them too! Reported captures stretching from Cape Runaway right through to the King Bank, and a real myriad of sizes ranging from 4-5kg ‘footballs’ right through to an 81kg beauty caught out of the Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club on the launch ‘Saracen’. Many boats have been privileged to multi-fish days and catches not experienced along our coastline for over 10 years… all extremely promising and long may it continue. Continue reading January Report 2015

November Report 2014

ArenuiBit of an overdue winter newsletter… better late than never none the less. Although we haven’t had a huge amount to report on the fishing front, it’s been a really busy few months over the winter period.

Our usual maintenance schedule took up a majority of the early stages of winter… new turbo’s on both main engines, annual anti-foul, renewed all the interior varnish, a cut & polish and ‘Arenui’s’ looking brand new again ready for the coming season.

The snapper fishing in the Hauraki Gulf has been very good since early September with the annual spawning and work-up period hitting full swing during the past few months. By all accounts the work-ups themselves became more intense and longer lasting from mid October onwards. The fishing seems to have slowed a little of late, maybe a result of persistently strong equinox winds and smaller tides… regardless of this, I’m sure we’ll all get a shot at it again. Continue reading November Report 2014

June Report 2014

Marlin Master ClassWith our 2014 Far North charter season finally done and dusted and the inclement winter weather setting in, it’s given me a chance to finally put together our newsletter covering off what has been a strange season to say the least.

“All or nothing” for both fishing and weather can probably best sum up our season for 2014. When the fishing and weather were good – it really was good, when both weren’t so good it really wasn’t that good at all! Throughout the entire season the fishing continually threatened to kick into full swing, yet three notable storms (or remnants of tropical cyclones) considerably stirred things up along the far North coast line and further North at the Three Kings. Continue reading June Report 2014

August Report 2013

Andrew Martins 284kg Blue MarlinApologies to those who were hoping for more regular updates throughout the 2013 game fishing season, but a very busy charter schedule put pay to any well laid plans of monthly newsletters and updates. We certainly hope to be a bit more diligent on this front in the future as well as posting regular photos and footage on our Facebook page.

Overall the 2013 season was a good one for us. The fishing could best been described as consistent without really kicking into full swing. We managed notable captures for most if not all our groups throughout the busy season, with the highlight of our season being Andrew Martins 284kg Blue Marlin caught at the bottom end of the King Bank. Andrew’s fish was caught during one of our popular “Marlin Master Class” trips, while catching it on 50lb stand up made the capture that little bit more special. Continue reading August Report 2013

January Report 2013

The early stages of the 2013 NZ game fishing season can probably be best described as a little patchy. There have been a handful of pretty cool catches along the northern coast but these good catches and good fishing days have been mixed in with a few non eventful days as well.

Finding good water along the coast has been a little challenging over the past 10 days or so with persistent breezes from the westerly quarter mixing things up quite a bit. There’s generally a pretty good current running to the south along the coast but any wind from the W or SW has caused a kind of ‘wind against the tide’ scenario… hence the patchy water quality of late. Continue reading January Report 2013

August Report 2012

ArenuiWith the winter blues well and truly set in, we’ve been pretty busy with our winter maintenance schedule. We’ve had Arenui out of the water for her annual anti-foul, prop-speed and touch up, as of last weekend we had her back in the water looking brand new again.

Nothing major to fix this year (touch wood!)… the engines got their annual birth day and other than that cosmetically a few bill scrapes and gaff head dings in the gel coat were tended to. Continue reading August Report 2012

May Availabilities

BroadieWith our busy 2012 game fishing season slowly drawing to a close, we have some time slots available during May and early June that we’d love to fill. 48 or 36 hour trips targeting Swordfish proved to be both popular and successful last season and with the added mix of Bluenose, Kingfish any remaining Striped Marlin on the coast… these shorter trips can be a great way to finish off the season.

Swordfishing during the day and night, has been pretty good with several boats, including us, having success. Continue reading May Availabilities

April Report 2012

The comings and goings during the month of April is a little more difficult to write about this time round considering I wasn’t on board Arenui for a majority of it. I had enough on my plate at home without keeping up to speed with what was going on in the gamefishing scene. As mentioned in the March newsletter the reins were handed over while I was at home for the birth of our second son Josh… and yes things are going really well at home.

The month of April probably started off just as bad as March was weather wise, we started April with another 40-50 knot easterly forecast. By then we were well and truly use to it and started looking forward to the 25 knot days! Continue reading April Report 2012

March Report 2012

A little over a month ago now I was really looking forward to writing our March edition of the New Zealand Game Fishing Newsletter. We had some pretty big expectations for what lay ahead with some exciting trips planned. As a whole March hasn’t worked out as well as hoped solely due to the unseasonal and persistently strong winds from the Easterly quarter.

By all accounts the fishing itself has been pretty good as long as we were able to get a fair crack at it, but with several 35 knot Easterly forecasts (and sometimes 50 knots!!) getting to the targeted Three Kings Islands has been a little tricky to say the least. Adding to the frustration, any little weather window has usually coincided with our changeover day. Continue reading March Report 2012