Feb Report 2012

By all accounts February has been a pretty good month within New Zealand game fishing circles with several mind blowing captures around the country in particular. The fishing has not been the only thing of steady improvement during February, the weather also was more than acceptable with long periods of variable winds which were a stark improvement from the blustery conditions we encountered during January.

We’ve had ‘Arenui’ located in Whangaroa Marina since early Feb and we’ve focussed just about all our energies fishing the Three Kings Islands with some good results overall. Probably our highlight of the past month has been releasing an estimated 800lb Blue Marlin for American angler Neil Peterson on just 50lb stand-up tackle. The fish would have well and truly given the New Zealand record a good nudge, but to Neil’s credit he had decided quite early in the fight that he preferred to let it go to fight another day. With the fish doing head high jumps on the leader after 4 hours there certainly wasn’t an issue regarding its health upon letting her go either… all good fun and a great fish. Continue reading Feb Report 2012

Jan Report 2012

The 2012 game fishing season has taken a little bit of persuasion to kick into gear with a more sedate beginning than we’re probably use to. There has certainly been some good fishing to be had off the usual ‘early season ports’ of Whitianga and Tutukaka, but these good days have been offset by a mix of bad weather, complete changes in current and the presence of the commercial purse seining fleet.

We witnessed the effects of seiners first hand fishing behind the Poor Knights Islands just last week. Fishing was pretty good with big schools of Saury, Skipjacks and I even spotted a handful Yellowfin busting the surface from Arenui’s tower. Many boats saw action from billfish throughout the day including a handful of doubles amongst the fleet, unfortunately the recreational fleet weren’t the only ones making the most of the good conditions as we all had to weave our way around a couple of seiners operating with the aid of spotter planes. The following day the landscape had changed substantially… No bait, no birds, no dolphins despite current, water clarity and temperature breaks all remaining the same. We still managed a Striped Marlin that day for first time angler Mike Saunders but it really was needle in a haystack stuff.  With reports of seiners currently operating from Cape Brett and into the BOP it certainly reopens concerns on where exactly our open ocean fishery is heading. Continue reading Jan Report 2012

May Report 2011

With our season slowly drawing to a close I thought it would be best to finally send out a newsletter covering off the past few months’ action. Apologies to those who have been expecting our updates a little earlier and on a more consistent basis, but a really busy schedule and a mis-placed cell phone hampered my communication with the outside world… I guess better late than never!
Striped MarlinNew Zealand’s fishing season has been an odd one to say the least, with some of the best fishing for some species and some of the worst for others seen for many years. Blue marlin fishing along the Northland coast was nothing short of fantastic from mid January right through to our last Blue Marlin tussle on the 1st April, many skippers amongst the charter fleet can’t ever recall blue marlin in such numbers along our coast. At stages during the months of February and March, bites from mid range blue marlin were well and truly out numbering bites from their ‘usually’ more popular striped cousins. Continue reading May Report 2011

February 2011 Report

Things have certainly started off well in during the first 6-7 weeks of New Zealand’s game Fishing season. Good numbers off Blue Marlin along the eastern coast has certainly been the stand out feature of the season so far. Not only good numbers of blue marlin, but some pretty big ones too. The majority of blue marlin caught have been around the 160-190kg (400lb) range, however a handful of over 300kgs models have also graced the scales over the past few weeks.

Captures most notably of late, the crew on board ‘First Affair’ with a 315.4kg Blue Marlin also ‘Matariki’s’ 316.4kg beauty caught by a lady angler. Both fish were weighed in Tutukaka and it appears between 200-350mtrs at the back of the Poor Knights has been the most consistent area to target these bigger fish. Continue reading February 2011 Report

October Report 2010

GB_051010_04-2After a mild yet extremely wet winter spring has finally arrived. With the seasonal weather change, the Hauraki Gulf snapper have certainly turned up in abundance with many crews enjoying the sun on their backs and getting amongst the action.

IMG_8199-1Gannets, dolphins and whales have been the dead set give away for the anchovy and pilchard schools anywhere between 50 and 30 mtrs out in the middle of the gulf. The action under ‘work ups’ has moved in substantially over the past couple of weeks with a large area of action just north of the ‘Noise’s’ between the 30 and 40mtr mark. Reports from later in the week suggest the action had slowed a little, but I’m sure things will resume as per normal with good signs for the coming months… Roll on summer! Continue reading October Report 2010

May Report 2010

Well we didn’t exactly finish our season off the way we hoped, with strong and persistant Nor-Easterly storms putting an end to any hopes of us rapping things up in style. I don’t think I can recall a May with such heavy rainfall and persistant gales in the north for some time, generally we expect both weather and fishing to last through too late May.

Although we didn’t end up fishing as long as hoped in our inaugural season onboard ‘Arenui’, we still managed put some enjoyable trips together for friends and guests. The game fishing was a little tough at times but if groups were prepared to put in the time and effort some good catches and fun fishing were there. Generally our most consistent fishing came from the top end of the ever reliable King Bank, however our best day of 4 Striped Marlin came from our old favourite… the Middlesex Bank. Continue reading May Report 2010

April Report 2010

ArenuiA little patchy is probably the best way to describe the current game fishing front in the far north. The water on the King Bank is fantastic and has been for some time now, however crews have had to hang in there all day in order to get their bites from bill fish. On occasions the bites have come within the last half hour of light. The crews that have been prepared to put in the time have been rewarded with some really big late season striped marlin.

Fishing at sunsetMost of our fish have come by way of live-baiting around the bait concentrations late in the day, however we’ve also managed to pick the odd one up switch baiting off the edge of the bank during the earlier hours. Some notable catches for us lately have been to Dene Whiting who let go a striped marlin that was estimated in excess of 150kgs, Alan Mouat also released an XOS King Bank stripie late in the day on a live bait after an acrobatic but short fight. Continue reading April Report 2010

February Report 2010

We’re finally underway with our new boat ‘Arenui’. So far fishing, weather and the boat have all been great despite a couple of minor teething issues and the odd Tsunami false alarm here and there.

Our inaugural trip was rushed to say the least. ‘Arenui’ arrived from Australia in mid Feb and we immediately had it out to Harkin Boat Builders in Pine Harbour to install a live well in the cockpit. Brian and his team did a fantastic job and we can’t thank them enough for the fast turnaround getting the boat back in the water in time to fish the NZBGFC “Nationals”.

Darrell Cottle StellaThe “Nationals” consisted of a pretty mixed week of fishing for everyone, with some excellent days had followed by some pretty frustrating days to say the least. Of particular note the boats ‘Moet’, ‘Libertas’ and ‘Reel Passion’ had some good fishing throughout the week. Our best day consisted of 4 striped marlin fishing at the southern end of the Middlesex Bank. Continue reading February Report 2010

New Zealand’s Newest Charter Boat

Geoff Lamond, on behalf of New Zealand Game Fishing Ltd is both proud and excited to announce the arrival of New Zealand’s newest charter boat… coming very soon!

new boat coverThe new boat is due to arrive in New Zealand mid January 2010 and will be the first O’Brien vessel to grace New Zealand shores. We’re obviously really excited about the coming summer months and beyond. It’s something that we’ve planned for quite some time, but now it’s time to let people know and take bookings for the upcoming summer.

During the summer and autumn months the new boat will be based in New Zealand’s Far North specialising in trips to the famous Three Kings Islands. During the winter months the boat will be based in Auckland where we’ll look to run trips to the outer Hauraki Gulf Islands such as Little and Great Barrier and the Mokohinuas. Continue reading New Zealand’s Newest Charter Boat

Arrival of Arenui


Arrival of our new boat ‘Arenui’ is just around the corner and we obviously can’t wait after a lot of planning and organisation over the past 12 months.

I spent the first couple of weeks of 2010 in Australia finalising handover and sailing the boat from Townsville, in Far North Queensland, to Brisbane. The boat looked absolutely fantastic when we picked her up and went great during the 4 day delivery trip, despite enduring a strong wind warning along the Capricorn Coast between the Whitsunday Islands and Bundaberg. Continue reading Arrival of Arenui