Extended Game Fishing Trips

January – June

From January to Mid June each year the largest Striped Marlin in the world converge on the New Zealand coast line. The average New Zealand Striped Marlin is approximately 250lb, but it’s not uncommon to tussle with stripey’s nearing 400lb with the largest taken New Zealand waters a touch over 500lbs.

Their cousins, the Black and Blue Marlin certainly don’t arrive in the same numbers as Stripes, but these fish generally arrive in February and at times excellent fishing for these larger fish can last through to April. ‘Granders’ or 1000lb plus have been taken in New Zealand waters for both these species. Average New Zealand Blues and Blacks are generally in the 400lb bracket but there are certainly a few nice ones mixed in amongst them at times.

New Zealand is unquestionably the best place left in the world to tussle with large Swordfish. The biggest swordfish taken in New Zealand waters stands as the men’s 80lb tackle IGFA world record at touch under 900lbs. Reports from our commercial friends suggest that 1000lb plus swords are not uncommon in New Zealand waters.

Regarded by many as the ultimate game fish due their sheer power and strength, makes this a challenge for even the world’s most serious angler. The average New Zealand Swordfish is around the 350lb mark, but 500lb plus fish are regularly caught between the months of March and June.

New Zealand is unquestionably the best location in the world to target large Swordfish and Striped Marlin, with the added mix of Blue and Black Marlin, Spearfish, Bigeye and Yellowfin Tuna, Dolphinfish and world class Yellowtail Kingfish and Snapper… an extended game fishing trip a must for the serious big game angler.

Departure points occur at either Whangaroa or Tutukaka Marina’s in the far North of New Zealand’s North Island. Whangaroa is probably the preferred port, but this may alter depending on where the main body of fish lies or as per charter requirements. Whangaroa is a beautiful harbour situated 30mins north of Kerikeri in a convenient
location to maximise fishing time and reduce travel to the world famous Three Kings Islands.

With such a variety of game fish on offer in New Zealand waters, a variety of techniques are used. Techniques ranging from switch-baiting to both dead-baiting and live-baiting depending on target species and feeding characteristics.

If an extended trip is your thing, contact Geoff directly for boat availability and costings.