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Teaser Pole MP

Alternative Teasers

Alternative Teasers Switch baiting in New Zealand predominantly revolves around trolling hookless, artificial teasers as the main weapon for raising billfish. Although artificial teasers have many advantages, there are some situations where ‘plastics’ just won’t raise fish. It can be extremely frustrating when you’re marking marlin on your sounder or watching them surface feed right …

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Basic Swim Bait

Basic Swim Bait

Basic Swim Bait Rigging swim baits is a subject that is difficult to write about or to fully understand as a reader, as there are many contributing factors than can affect the way baits do or don’t swim. It’s only after a lot of trial and error or having things explained first hand that you …

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Belly Strips Step 2

Belly Strips

Belly Strips Switch baiting and the use of ‘hook less’ teasers is nothing new to the marlin fishing fraternity. Many professional overseas crews use switch baiting successfully, and although not widely used within New Zealand it has become more and more popular in an attempt to increase hook up percentages and tussle with marlin on …

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Arenui Marlin

Circle Hooks

Hooking Fish on Circles Fishermen around the globe are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting hooks. Whether they’re game fisherman, sport fisherman or fresh water fisherman, discussing their favourite hook for the intended job is never too far from the main topic of conversation. From a game fishing stand point circle hooks …

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Lifting Their Heads

Lifting Their Heads Plenty of people in game fishing cycles seem to believe good boat driving skill involves backing around like mad man and covering the cockpit, anglers and crew with white water. Reversing or ‘backing up’ as we commonly hear it termed is only a small part of boat manoeuvring when fighting fish. At …

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Looking after tuna Step 5, Fillet

Looking After Tuna

Looking After Tuna Although the most recent Yellowfin Tuna seasons in New Zealand waters have been nothing to write home about, many of us still look forward with anticipation to what the up-coming summer months hold. We have all been really excited about what’s going on with the winter Bluefin fishery on the South Islands …

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Small black

Pitching Baits

Pitching Baits to Billfish It’s no secret that one of my favourite ways of targeting marlin is switch baiting or towing hookless teasers and pitching either dead or live baits once you’ve raised a fish. Switch baiting requires a little bit of teamwork and timing, but generally it’s pretty straight forward as long as you …

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Riggers And Halyards

Riggers And Halyards Setting your boat up with good quality outriggers, release clips and halyard configurations is an important aspect that can sometimes be either overlooked or in some cases just thrown together with out much thought. Often we see boats throughout the New Zealand game fishing scene with cheap, sloppy riggers and stretchy halyards …

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Rigging a Swimming Mullet Step 1

Rigging a Swimming Mullet

Rigging a Swimming Mullet In previous articles I’ve written about different teasers and swimming baits that I use or have used in differing fishing scenarios around the world. The swimming mullet is a favourite teaser of mine for raising billfish, especially if it’s accompanied with a daisy chain of rubber squids. I can just about …

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Boating, safety and hazard identification

Safe Cockpits

Safe Cockpits As soon as the words safety and hazard identification are mentioned in any occupation, many employees (including myself) usually roll their eyes with a feeling of here we go again. Although we can all feel like it can be a bit of a pain in the neck at times, keeping safe in the …

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Teaser Bait MP

Setting Up to Switch

Setting Up for Switch Baiting Switch baiting is a fun and exciting way to target billfish and it’s a form of fishing that I’ve made no secret about enjoying. Lure fishing, live baiting and dead baiting all have their own advantages and enjoyment factors, but by integrating all three you can increase your own enjoyment …

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Striped Marlin


Switching Them Over Over the past few years I’ve made no secret that one of my favourite ways of targeting marlin in New Zealand waters is switch baiting. Lure fishing, live baiting and dead baiting all have their own distinct advantages in differing scenarios. By integrating all three you‘ll certainly increase the crew’s level of …

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Game Fishing Tags


Tagging The introduction of tag and release into the game fishing fraternity occurred back in the 1960’s when fisherman realised that bringing everything back to the gantry probably wasn’t the best idea in supporting a sustainable fishery. During the past 40 – 50 years thousands of game fish are tagged and released on an annual …

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Polished Stainless Point Hooks

The Pointy End

The Pointy End Considering the point of the hook is the little part keeping you connected in the whole equation, I reckon it’s a good idea to spend a bit of time making sure all your hook points are sharp, strong and the right shape to help you catch that fish of a life time. …

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Tournament Marina

Tournament Fishing

Tournament Fishing With many of New Zealand’s major game fishing tournaments now occurring or just around the corner, many of you will be gearing up and getting prepared for what may be a busy few months ahead. I love tournament fishing. I realise that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoy the …

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Using Dead Baits Step 1

Using Dead Baits

Using Dead Baits The use of dead bait within the New Zealand marlin fishing community has become a dying if not non-existent method of targeting billfish with a majority of both professional and recreational crews throughout New Zealand opting for artificial lures and live baits as their preferred techniques. Although the merits of lure fishing …

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Using Flying Gaffs 2

Using Flying Gaffs

Using Flying Gaffs Using flying gaffs has become a part of game fishing that professional and recreational fishermen rarely get the opportunity to put into practice. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for releasing fish and I’m far from suggesting we should kill more just for the sake of using a flying gaff, but the …

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game chair

Using Game Chairs

Setting Up & Using Game Chairs Any time I have a new angler or guest on board I always have them measured up and made familiar with correct chair fishing techniques. Setting up and using game or fighting chairs correctly can make a huge difference to the angler’s comfort, efficiency and overall enjoyment when tackling …

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