Towcam engineer products

Towcam engineer products so you get the ultimate marine vision.

Forget what you have read about underwater towed cameras, towcam works.That’s why towcam has been sold to all corners of the world. A truly custom made underwater tow camera, each unit hand built by fisherman.

You’ve probably recently noticed a lot of quality underwater vision of marlin and pelagics smashing towed lures and baits on TV, fishing shows, Youtube, Vimeo, well that’s most likely customer vision from towcam technology.

You won’t believe how easy this stunning colour hi res vision is to get, anyone with a boat can have this live vision in minutes, towcam is independent of your fishing line and does not interfere with your usual methods of trolling.

And with modern electronics it’s a breeze to feed this vision to your Sounder/GPS screens and saloon flatscreens… for more information from towcam click here.

The team on board Arenui proudly uses towcam technology to catch all the exciting footage during charters.