5ft Bent-Butt Teaser Rods

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5ft bent butt teaser rods
Arenui Signature Series

5ft Bent-Butt Teaser Rods

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These teaser rods are designed to aid in the swift recovery of teasers and dredges. These teaser rods feature a simple, no fuss construction of a “Xantu” Nano-fibre blank with little or no flex, thus allowing for easy retrieve of heavier teasers/dredges.

Teaser line is feed up the centre of the rod to eliminate tangles and tip wraps in the “heat of the moment” plus minimise unnecessary expenses involved with rod construction.

Our shorter bent butt teaser rods are a great option for switch baiting from trailer boats or simply towing bigger teaser and dredges. They can also be used with electric reels.

Kilwell Xantu


With Butt, Without Butt