37kg Rollered Game Rod (Stand-Up)

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37kg Rollered Game Rod
Arenui Signature Series

37kg Rollered Game Rod (Stand-Up)

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Only $949.99

If your passion is fishing stand-up, our 37kg stand-up rod is for you. This rod is designed to offer anglers a ”no-compromise” stand-up rod for chasing truly big fish. With a slightly softer tip but an incredibly powerful mid-section allows for increased leverage and lift. When combined with a good stand-up harness system, these rods allow the angler to maximize pressure on big fish with minimal angler fatigue.

Lengthened EVA moulded fore-grips provide added leverage. Either ‘Straight’ or ‘Bent’ 2-piece aluminium Pac-Bay butts can be supplied, depending on personal preference. With ‘wind-on’ guided rods being the first choice of many anglers today, custom AFTCO ‘Big Foot’ rollers are fitted. These guides are incredibly lightweight and strong as well as offering unmatched knot and wind-on clearance. The rods are finished with both under and over-bound guides with multiple laminated coatings giving a strong yet smart finish.

This rods action and “power to weight” characteristics make it a perfect option for both ‘Tease & Switch” and “Bait” fisherman alike.

*Rod under max. load in image to illustrate action


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