Bluefever ‘WIREMAX’ Glove

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AFTCO Bluefever Wiremax Glove

Bluefever ‘WIREMAX’ Glove

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Designed using the expertise of world famous big game skipper Peter B Wright, this is the ultimate glove for leadering big fish. Closed cell EVA foam wraps the hand and lines the palm, fingers and thumb to maximise protection when handling monofilament in the 300lb Р500lb range, plus wire & cable leaders. Durable tacky-grip palm improves dexterity, while foam backed mesh keeps fingers cool and protected. Wrap around neoprene/velcro strap over woven coff eliminates leader snags.

  • Sizes relate to width of hand in cm
Sizes Gloves

S(8), M(9), L(10), XL(11), XXL(12)

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