Teaser – Squid

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Mold Craft Teasers Squid
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Teaser – Squid

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The original(often copied, but never duplicated) SQUIRT SQUID is soft, but no too soft. Amazing action and fish catching ability… in short, predatory fish eat squid! The worlds most successful lure for Giant Tuna and has accounted for the largest Tuna on rod and reel in the USA of 1,228 LB. They also make great DAISY CHAIN, DREDGE and SPREADER-BAR teaser rigs. The team on board ‘Arenui‘  use 9″ SQUID DAISY CHAIN teasrs when targeting billfish and the 12″ SQUIDS as both skipped and pitched lures when good supply of natural bait is hard to come by.

The 9″ & 12″ SQUIDS are also used effectively for both day-dropping and night trolling for Swordfish.

Currently only 9″ Mold Craft SQUIDS are available through New Zealand Game Fishing in two stunning Mold Craft colours, Hot Pink & Smoke Metal

Mold Craft


Hot Pink, Smoke Metal

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