Teaser – Tuff Hoo

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Mold Craft Teasers Tuff Hoo
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Teaser – Tuff Hoo

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Mold Craft TUFF HOO feature a hydrodynamic nose design to promote vertical swimming with no chin weight and stability when being trolled from 2 to 12 knots. It swims in a natural manner with a very active tail motion and has rattling eyes. This bait is strong enough to be trolled quickly without fear of the tail wearing off.

TUFF HOO make great DAISY CHAIN, DREDGE and SPREADER-BAR teaser rigs. The team on board ‘Arenui‘ use TUFF HOO daisy chain teasers when targeting billfish in New Zealand waters especially when saury is the predominant baitfish in an area.

The TUFF HOO is very simple to rig if using as a lure. Just attach the hook (a Mustad 3407SS or  8/0 O’Shaunessey style hooks) to the leader, insert the leader into the body cavity then pull through and snug gently. Make a loop and you are ready to go.

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